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Die IG BILDENDE KUNST ist eine Interessenvertretung der bildenden Künstler_innen in Österreich. Wir initiieren kulturpolitische Debatten und intervenieren in Entscheidungsprozesse, die Auswirkungen auf Arbeit und Leben bildender Künstler_innen haben. Unsere Aktionsfelder sind Kunst, Politik, Service und Zeitung. Wir fordern: Freiheit der Kunst! Recht auf soziale Rechte! Bleiberecht für alle! Gleiche Rechte für alle!

Solidarisieren, Mitglied werden, Vorteile genießen!

Open Call 

Art, Children & Posters!

Participatory and decentralised poster project

We’re looking for designs, sketches and ideas for posters that make pithy statements, or express demands or wishes in the context of the challenges facing artists with child care responsibilities. A jury will choose between three and six proposals which will then be produced. At the end of June 2017 these will begin make their way into public spaces beginning with the IG BILDENDE KUNST gallery in Vienna. Submissions by 18 April 2017 by email to: galerie (at) igbildendekunst.at

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Open Call  Art, Children & Posters! [PDF, 32KB]   
Open Call: Kunst & Kind: Plakate! (German version)

What is it about?

From children’s playground to vernissage. Why are the interesting events always in the evening? How can I arrange a stay abroad? The art business poses a whole series of challenges for parenting artists concerned with having to care for children. In workshops and interviews the IG BILDENDE KUNST asked artist parents about their experiences, exchanged information and collected examples of best practice.  Residency programmes, time management and insufficient payment for artistic work were recurring issues as were alternative models for gender-specific relationships of inequality that affected (not only) the art world. So the question is how can being a parent be reconciled with being an artist?

With a decentralised poster project we want to make the statements, wishes and demands more widely known by taking them out of the IG BILDENDE KUNST offices. We want to produce three to six different posters, make them freely available and invite anyone interested to participate in their distribution.
Submissions: what, when and where?

We’re looking for designs, sketches and ideas for posters and whether in a visual or textual form, all are welcome. But whatever form they take they should be digital and capable of conveying a good idea. It might be a file with a poster design, a photograph of a hand-drawn sketch, a couple of sentences that formulate the idea for a poster design, a proposed text for a statement (including a description of the imagined implementation) and so on. A print-ready product is only necessary as the next step, i.e. after the jury selection process. 

Submissions by 18 April 2017 by email to: galerie (at) igbildendekunst.at. As text, jpeg or pdf, maximum file size 2MB. Please include a telephone number for any queries.
And then? From selection to production

A jury (Eva Dertschei, Hansel Sato, Elke Smodics, Anna Zeilinger) will select three to six proposals. The poster designs can visualise their positions and demands critically, amusingly or poetically. They should bear in mind the need for a gender sensitive approach and refrain from reproducing mechanisms of social exclusion.

With the delivery of a print-ready file those submitting the selected works will receive a fee of 400 Euro and a free one-year membership of the IG BILDENDE KUNST (valued at 69 Euro).

Support is available for producing a print-ready file, if required. Exact details about the requirements will be sent with the commission after the jury decision. In Vienna we can also help with scanning analogue works (max. size = A4).

The posters (A2) will be produced using offset printing with an edition of 500 to 1000 (maximum).

Copyrights, logos and other formal issues

Relevant to jury selected posters: The final version of each poster must contain “Kunst & Kind” and a website reference: www.igbildendekunst.at/politik/kind. In addition, the name of the designer, imprint and the logos of IG BILDENDE KUNST and the funding authority/partner must appear on the poster. Details, including minimum size, will also be sent with the commission after the jury decision. It is not necessary to include these details for the initial submission.

With the submission of the print-ready file IG BILDENDE KUNST receives the right to use the image for producing and presenting the posters, for printed material relating to the project (e.g. folders), for unlimited online use (for the IG BILDENDE KUNST website and social media pages) as well as for digital and advertising material related to the project.

Important dates at a glance

■ 18 April 2017: Deadline for submissions
■ Beginning of May: Announcement of the selected designs
■ Beginning of June: Submission of print-ready file followed by the print order through the IG BILDENDE KUNST
■ 27 June 2017: Presentation of the posters in the IG BILDENDE KUNST gallery (Vienna), thereafter distribution with special emphasis on public spaces. 
■ Till 28 July 2017: Posters in the IG BILDENDE KUNST gallery – exhibition and available (free) as long as supplies last.

More Information

Kunst & Kind (Arbeitsschwerpunkt der IG BILDENDE KUNST) - only German version available!
Kunst & Kind: Plakate! (Plakatprojekt der Galerie IG BILDENDE KUNST) - only German version available!

Contact for queries

Vasilena Gankovska

Gumpendorfer Straße 10-12
1060 Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43 (0)1 524 09 09
galerie (at) igbildendekunst.at
Tuesday + Wednesday 1 pm to 6pm
Thursday + Friday 10 am to 3 pm



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